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We have jewelry that is tailored for college students, jewelry that suits a more sophisticated clientelle, and all kinds of custom made pieces, so let us know what you are looking for.


Don't forget to send us your address!!


2. Next, set a date, send out invitations, and advertise.


Give us at least four weeks to get the jewelry to you, or wait until you have received the jewelry and then set the date of the party. Orders may be able to be expedited. Check with us at if you need something in a hurry. If you need logos, poster templates, or other aids for marketing you can find them on our "Logos & Flyers" page.


Many people choose not to have a formal party.. no problem. You know your own personality best. Some people do very well selling informally to friends, family, and coworkers.



Hosting an Apparent Project Jewelry party is one of the most hands-on ways that you can immediately help an impoverished family provide for their basic needs while maintaining their dignity in the process. Empowering a person to work is the kind of gift that lasts far beyond a hand-out.


Hosting is really quite simple. Jewelry parties can be held in your home, school, workplace, or at special events such as concerts, conferences, or church gatherings. Here are the steps to hosting a fabulous jewelry party:


1. First contact us.

Email us at to let us know that you want to host a jewelry party. Let us know the details of what kind of event you are planning so that we can send you the right styles and quantities of jewelry.


Tell us:

How many people do you anticipate coming to your party?

How much do you plan to sell?


What is the age range and social context of your party?


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All images, text, products, and design concepts on this site  are property of the Apparent Project.

Please contact for permission before using for any purpose.

3. At the party:

When you receive the jewelry, you will also receive a short DVD that you can use at the party to show what the Apparent Project is doing to help keep families together. If for some reason you can't get the DVD to work, you can play the video from the internet here. The video should be played towards the beginning of the party in order to show how impactful each purchase can be for the Haitian families involved.


When it comes to creating party atmosphere, you can be as creative as you want to be. Some have found great success in throwing a thematic party, others have found that simple and casual can be just as fun. The key is to know your audience and to present/display the jewelry according to their taste. Make sure to have a mirror and enough space for the jewelry to be accessible to everybody who might want to look.


4. Payment:

You do not need to pay in advance for the jewelry unless you are a retail outlet that will be carrying Apparent jewelry on an ongoing basis. Each piece of jewelry will be individually labeled with an artisan's name who helped make it. Make sure before you start your party that you have made extra copies of the  jewelry inventory sheet (included in your "golden envelope" in your party box, or have some other way to track sales. When you are done with the party, you will email the apparent project the total sales amount, as well as the paperwork requested in your "golden envelope."  Use the email address "".


People can pay by check made out to "the Apparent Project" or by credit card through PayPal if you have internet on site at your party. Just click on the "Pay Here for party sales" button here (or the "Pay artisans" buttan at the top of each page on this site) for each purchase and follow the on-screen instructions for each payment. If you collect checks, please send them on to us as soon as possible to avoid overdraft situations.



Please do not hang on to the jewelry for more

than a month. If you are finding it difficult to

put a party together or have not sold as much

as you would like, it's ok. Better to get the

jewelry off into the hands of another excited

seller than have it sit for months while artisans

are expecting income to come in.


If jewelry sits, it does

more harm than good!


Our artisans need to eat!

Please respectfully send it on!


Note: Cash can only be collected if you are willing to consolidate it with one large check at the end.


Checks can be mailed to:


The Apparent Project

4623 Denton Ln SE

Lacey WA, 98503


5. Left-overs:

If you have left-over jewelry, simply send it to the above address as well. You can then let us know what your shipping costs are and we will reimburse you if needed.


If any of this sounds intimidating or confusing, just know that we are here and ready to answer any questions you have. You really can't go wrong! Sound fun?


Please know that your decision to host a party has a far reaching impact on the quality of life that our Haitian friends and their families can experience. Our respect and honor go to these families who have endured so much more than we can imagine. Our prayer is that they would be blessed in abundance by your act of kindness in hosting a party in their honor!


Frequently asked questions:


How much does the Jewelry generally cost?

Bracelets $5-$15

Earrings $5-$15

Keychains $5-$10

Necklaces $12-$38


Do I have to pay anything upfront?

No.. there is no payment upfront unless you are a retail store and there is no obligation to sell everything.


What if I don't sell it all?

No problem.. just send it on to our headquarters in Washington.


Can a friend of mine sell for me?

You are the one who is responsible for the jewelry - for recording sales & returning unsold items. You are repsonsible for all payments due.


Can I hold on to it for future sales?

Please do not hold on to the jewelry for more than a month. It holds up potential sales of the jewelry that could put food on the table for our artisans. It really does matter if the jewelry sells. There is a direct impact. Just send it on to our headquarters if you are done selling, or don't have time to continue.


Can I request a certain style?

Yes, we sell various styles, such as lanyards, small bracelets, anklets etc.. that are not normally included in a box unless requested. Also if you know your friends would like more neutrals, colorful, or a certain style, please let us know. We do our best to accommodate requests if we have those items available.



Exciting Fundraising Option:


Does your church, school, youth group, workplace need to raise funds to support a program, an upcoming event, or a short term mission? Tired of selling chocolate bars or tupperware? Help Haitians AND help your cause by hosting an Apparent Project Bracelet fundraiser. It works like this: We mail you 150 bracelets at $5 each (payment not required until after all sales are final- any unsold merchandis can be returned). You mark up the cost of the bracelets to between $8-$10 each. If you sell a bracelet for $10, that means that the artisans guild gets $5 towards feeding their familes for the week and your group gets $5 towards your fundraising goals. If you sell a 150 bracelets, that's $750 towards your fundraising goals. We find that of all of our pruducts, bracelets sell like hotcakes, especially with the individual stories of the artisan on the tag. Please contact us if this option sounds like something you would like to try!


Comments from past Apparent Project Jewelry Party Animals:


"I haven't officially thrown a jewelry 'party'. What works great for me is just announcing on FB and email that I have a box of jewelry and people start contacting me. I've brought the jewelry with me to bible studies, church, homeschool co-op and stopped by friends' houses. I even had a friend ask me to bring the box down to her work and gave her the Apparent Project website & blog info so they could research to see what it was all about and I just showed up, displayed the jewelry and answered any questions that they might have had. What I haven't sold yet is being taken to other churches and craft fairs to be sold. I have people asking me to try to get boxes of journals and ornaments and everything else we can get our hands on to sell up here. Everyone is in love with what you guys are doing and want to help as much as possible. People are pretty generous as it is but once I show the dvd, you can tell it must tug on their heartstrings a little bit more because more people buy and buy bigger quantities! They like to actually see the people and see what it looks like down there!"


-Christina Coutright, Coos Bay, Oregon


"The jewelry is very easy to sell and I have so many interested friends. For my party: I sent out an email invite to homeschool moms here at USAG Stuttgart. I had the table set with a nice table cloth with the jewelry laid out on it. We visited as everyone arrived, then I had a small slideshow prepared of photos of Apparent Project from your facebook page. We looked at that, and we talked a bit about your mission down there. I explained how the artisans get the money directly, that this was not a money maker for you, and that the purchases were directly benefiting specific artisans. The ladies were very touched and felt proud and humbled to be helping very specific people. Some of the ladies felt led to support a specific artisan and bought only jewelry from him/her. To wrap up the party, we had some baked pineapple I had prepared (it is supposed to be Haitian dessert; at least the international cookbook I have, says so...:)) Since the party, I have sold many pieces separately-I have friends that have spread the word, by mouth, and by wearing it and people asking-"Where did you get THAT?"


-Sarah Decareaux, Stuttgart, Germany


"I just recently hosted a jewelry party, so all of this is still fresh in my mind. And, YES, it was easy to sell the jewelry. Everything was so beautiful, and seeing the name and face and bio of each artisan on the price tag sure made people want to buy more! You suddenly felt connected to their story and wanted to help in a very tangible way. I am so glad I hosted a party and brought awareness and financial support to the artisans who work with The ApParent Project. It was so easy to host the party...and in turn we were able to sell over $1,000.00 worth of jewelry. This means that several men and women will now have money to care for and feed their families. What a joy to partner with your organization in this small way and feel like we are helping all the way from Seattle! I'm actually thinking of hosting another party in the not too distant future once we get settled in our new home.


A few tips...


***print out LOTS of prayer cards and brochures about the program. Almost everyone at the party took these home with them. Think about all the people who will be reminded to pray for the people of Haiti and also bring awareness to others around them.

***show the video. I started the party by playing the video from your website. This helped 'tell the story' of the ministry you are a part of and really gave people a better understanding of how their jewelry purchase was directly helping the men and women who created the necklaces and bracelets.

***try to have several mirrors on hand so people can try things on and take a peek at how it looks ***make a list of all of the artisans BEFORE you start the party so you can easily keep track of how much is selling for each person during the party. You can write down the amount of the sale directly under their name instead of sorting it all out at the end."


-Heather Scott, Seattle, WA