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Does your church, team, school, youth group, workplace, or club need to raise funds to support a program, an upcoming event, or a short term service project? Do you need to raise money for an adoption?


Help Haitians AND help your cause by hosting an Apparent Project Bracelet fundraiser.


It works like this: We mail you 150 bracelets which you sell for $8-10 each. After sales are final, you return all of the unsold bracelets to our U.S. address along with $5 for each bracelet sold. If you sell a bracelet, AP artisans earn money to feed, shelter, and educate their families while your group gets $3-5 per bracelet towards your fundraising goals ($450-$750 potential earnings!) If you sold all 150 bracelets at $10 each, you would send us $750 and you would earn $750 for your project.


We find that Apparent Project Bracelets are very easy to sell.


Please contact us if this option sounds like something you would like to try! Email:




If you are passionate about what the Apparent Project is doing to help the poor in Haiti, consider hosting a fundraiser in your community to help us continue our work.


There are many exciting and fun ways that a person or group can help us raise funds to house and employ Haitians in need: Coin jars, Birthday donations, golf tournaments, car washes, cycling events, races, bead donation drives, vending machine profits... the possibilities are endless.


If you are interested in coordinating a fundraiser, let us know and we can begin to brainstorm with you! We've even had young children raise enough money to purchase a home for homeless Haitians! It's not difficult!


We can also help you fund for your cause!  Read for details at the right, and visit the following blog to see why one person called our bracelet fundraiser their "favorite adoption fundraiser ever":


The bracelet fundraiser can be used for any cause you hope to fund!

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Fundraising Option!


For your cause and ours:


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